8 Tips When You Are Looking for a Dentist in Metro Phoenix

8 Tips When You Are Looking for a Dentist in Metro Phoenix

8 Tips When You Are Looking for a Dentist in Metro Phoenix

First things first: Welcome to the Valley. Or, if you’ve been here for a while, welcome to your search for a new dentist. We hope you’ll choose Dental Design Studio — we’re a family and general dental practice with comprehensive prosthetic, orthodontic and preventive dentistry services. If you’re not quite ready to make a decision, here are a few general guidelines to follow when searching.

1. Look for Convenience

Convenient dentistry might seem like a strange concept, but having the office nearby is a big time-saver. Consider the distance from schools, your home and any other places you and your family are likely to be. By the way, DDS has multiple locations in the Phoenix are

2. Ask Specific Questions

When you’re looking for a dentist, sharing information is as important as obtaining it. If you have or expect to have any specific or unusual needs, be sure to mention them before scheduling an appointment.

3. Consider Your Future

Think about what dentistry needs you likely to have in the next five or 10 years? Do you have children — do you plan to start a family? Your needs are probably going to grow more quickly than the services your dentist offers. Make sure you choose an office that will suit you for at least a few year

4. Prioritize Versatility

A versatile dentist’s office usually makes your life a lot easier because you can stay with the same office for new treatments or services. That’s a lot easier than hunting through your insurance provider’s partnership listings or shopping around for specialists.

5. Consider Multiple Options

An internet search should give you a starting point when you’re looking for dental providers near your home. Try using the results to make a list. You’ll find plenty of great dentists throughout the area — just remember to save a spot on that list for DDS.

6. Be Proactive

Just surfing the web might not give you all the information you need. Remember to make a few calls and send a few emails: It’s quicker than you might expect.

7. Have a Consultation

If you have a specific procedure in mind, such as crowns or bridgework, then you should start out by scheduling a consultation. We offer this service for free, as do some of our colleagues.

A consultation is a simple, no-obligation way to get to know your prospective dentist. You can also get specific information about services, pricing and so on to compare with other dental offices.

8. Trust Your Gut

Maybe you’ll look at a few dentists, or maybe you’ll just visit one office. Sooner or later, you’ll just feel comfortable and welcome. Trust that feeling — it’s evidence you’ve found a good fit.

We hope we will be part of your search for a new Phoenix dentist. Contact us any time to set up an appointment.

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