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What is Dental implants ?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots used to support a restoration for a missing tooth or teeth, helping to stop or prevent jaw bone loss.

By replacing missing tooth roots, dental implants provide people with the strength and stability required to eat all the foods they love, without struggling to chew. Additionally, they help to stimulate and maintain jaw bone, preventing bone loss and helping to support facial features.

All on 4 in just $18,000

1. No hidden fee – All inclusive
2. All extractions
3. All Bone grafting .
4. Healing denture
5. 0% financing available
6. No credit check financing available

Why choose us ?

✔ 20+ Years Experience in Dental Implant Placement.
✔ Experts in Implant Placement Resulting in High Quality Long Lasting Tooth Restorations.
✔ Extensive Training in:
• Custom Fit Dentures, Partials & Bridges
• Clear Braces
• Cosmetic Dentistry
✔ All on 4 Permanent Teeth in Just one Day!

  • All-on four: One full arch of teeth, four dental implants for $18,000
All-on four: One full arch of teeth, four dental implants for $18,000

A reason to smile again: all-on-four dental implants

Can just four implants replace all of the teeth on the top or the bottom of your mouth? Thanks to advances in dental implant technology, that answer is a resounding yes.

Believe it or not, tooth loss is extremely common among adults, especially as we age. In fact, more than 35 million people in America are missing all of their upper and/or lower teeth. Rather than living with the discomfort and hassles of dentures, many people are opting for what is called “all-on-four” dental implant restoration.

All-on four: One full arch of teeth, four dental implants

To fully understand this remarkable technique for replacing teeth, you should first understand what a dental implant is. An implant is a small titanium screw that fits inside your jawbone and replaces the root-part of a missing tooth. Minor surgery is required to insert the implants. Once the implant is in place, a crown is attached to give you a highly realistic-looking and functional prosthetic tooth.

Here’s where it gets really interesting: You do not need a dental implant for each and every one of your missing teeth. All you need is four precisely placed implants on the top of your mouth, and four on the bottom, to restore your full smile. That’s the beauty of the all-on-four. And because the implant is made of titanium, it has the unique ability to fuse to living bone and function as part of it. So eventually, the dental implant becomes part of the jawbone and serves as a strong, long-lasting foundation for your new teeth.

Besides ensuring that your implants are permanently fixed in place, this bone fusion has another important benefit: it prevents future bone loss in the jaw. This helps to maintain a more youthful facial structure—and better oral health. But perhaps the biggest surprise about the all-on-four is how quickly it can transform your life.

Yes, you can get a radiant, new smile in just one day

By combining the precise technology of the all-on-four procedure with the expertise of our implant teams, ClearChoice has developed a way to give most patients a new smile in one day.

Here’s why the all-inclusive approach at ClearChoice works for people who are missing a majority of their teeth:

  • Your team of doctors, lab technicians and equipment are all in one patient-centered facility
  • We’re able to place the all-on-four dental implants and the arches of your new teeth in your mouth while you are fully sedated
  • You leave our center with a natural looking, fully functioning set of teeth—all in one day

After your day at ClearChoice, your new smile will look and feel great, but it’s only temporary. You see, it takes dental implants some time to heal and fuse to your jawbone. Once that happens, you’ll come back in and your team will replace your temporary teeth with a permanent, customized smile designed just for you.

How do you know if the all-on-four from ClearChoice is the right option for you?

Every ClearChoice Dental Implant Center offers a free consultation for first-time patients. At your consultation, you’ll receive a free 3D CT Scan. This scan will help determine if you need implants and assist your doctors in creating your treatment plan. So if you want to learn more about dental implants and ClearChoice’s unique all-inclusive treatment approach, simply schedule your free consultation. It’s the best way to find out how dental implants can change your life.


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Dr. Sweet graduated from Loma Linda School of Dentistry in 2002 and then moved to Arizona in the same year.


Dr Mannie Badyal, DDS

Dr. Badyal graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry in 1998.


Dr Michael Dodd, DDS

Dr Dodd practices general dentistry with a focus on esthetics. He is able to provide the latest in cosmetic procedures

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An endodontic treatment saves a severely injured, cracked, or decayed tooth when its pulp becomes inflamed or infected. If it is not treated promptly, pain or a tooth abscess results. Endodontic treatment is also known as a “root canal.“


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Zero Percent Interest Financing

Have you been putting off your dental work because you haven’t heard about dental patient financing? We realize that healthcare can often be overwhelming due to costs so that’s why we offer options for financing your dental procedures. Now you can qualify for financing in just minutes with CareCredit and Ajeva.

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed for your health, beauty, and wellness needs. It’s a way to pay for the costs of many treatments and procedures and allows you to make convenient monthly payments. For complete details of health care financing terms, please review the CareCredit account agreement within the application.
Ajeva offers a simple way for you and your family to finance your dental treatments regardless of your FICO score or financial situation.
Here are just a couple great reasons why you should chose Ajeva:

Higher finance approval rating compared to other lenders
Fixed and affordable monthly payment terms that range from 6 to 24 months based on your situation

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