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Mini Dental Implants (MDI)

Your Greater Phoenix Mini Dental Implant Provider

We have been a mini implant provider to the Valley for over 7 years now, mini implants aren’t for everyone, but with our experience we can tell you with an extremely high degree of certainty, whether you are or aren’t a good candidate.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Think of a mini dental implant as a small artificial tooth root that is biocompatible with both your body and smile. Like traditional implants, these smaller diameter versions are made of titanium. Titanium is the implant of choice because of how well it is accepted by the body and it’s ability to fuse to bone, also know as osseointegration. The major plus for mini implants is that they are significantly cheaper than full size implants and that they can often be used in cases where the ridge is too narrow and full size implants aren’t an option.

The smaller diameter of mini implants allow for more flexibility especially in cases where a significant amount of bone has been lost. They can also often be loaded immediately. If you’ve been told that implants are not an option for you or you thought they were too expensive, you might consider setting up a free consultation to see if mini implants might be right for you!

Options for Unconventional Implant Patients

Dental implants are considered to be the best way to replace missing teeth. Compared to all other types of restorative dentistry procedures, implants are intended to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, they can only be placed in areas where there is adequate bone support.

Anyone who’s lost a tooth knows all too well that the bone in that area will start to shrink away. This leaves less bone to support the placement of an implant. Fortunately, mini dental implants may offer the perfect solution. These narrower, shorter implants can be placed in such areas of resorbing bone structure! Not only that, but they also cost significantly less.

Denture Stabilization and Security All Day Long

One of the most common reasons we recommend mini dental implants are to support removable dentures.

Here’s why: a lot of people struggle with getting their denture to fit comfortably during the day. Either it shifts and rocks out of place, or it’s always slipping when they talk and eat. This can be embarrassing, as it becomes difficult or even impossible to eat or speak clearly. Not only that, the constant movement can cause rubbing and sore spots under your denture leading to irritation and possibly even infection.

That’s where mini dental implants come in. We can install four mini implants into your jaw, and then retrofit your removable denture so that it affixes over them, essentially snapping into place. This keeps your denture tightly secured throughout the day, giving you better stability during meals or conversations with your friends.

Plus, you can still remove your denture at night, for easy hygiene and maintenance.

Not a Candidate for Dental Implants? No Problem!

Our team of Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Gilbert mini implant dentists have been providing implant services for years. Not only that, together they have over 60 years of combined experience caring for smiles just like yours. When it comes to state-of-the-art treatments like implants, you couldn’t be in better hands. We’re committed to treating every single one of our patients as if they were a member of our own family.

Single Tooth Replacement with Mini Dental Implants

Let’s say you’ve lost a tooth sometime in the past few years. Initially, you planned to have a bridge placed, so that you didn’t need to wear a removable partial denture. But time got the best of you, and now those teeth have started shifting inward…leaving you less space to work with. But, because of that limited space, you can’t get a traditional implant without going through some sort of orthodontic treatment. Instead, a mini dental implant may be your best solution! It fits better in the smaller area, and our dentists can create a custom sized porcelain crown that attaches to it and fills in the space fully.

One thing to keep in mind with mini dental implant treatments, is that these teeth need to be ones that aren’t responsible for as much weight or load-bearing. They’re better in areas where your bite doesn’t take as much force, due to the smaller size of the artificial tooth root. Feel free to ask one of our mini implant dentists if this option is right for you.

Your Affordable Mini Dental Implant Option

Getting mini dental implants in the Phoenix area is more affordable than you might think. Because they’re smaller and less intrusive, they’re easier to install. All of these factors also mean that it’s a relatively inexpensive process compared to more extensive full mouth reconstruction options. They might even be covered by your dental insurance.

If you don’t have insurance coverage or need to finance part of your treatment, be sure to ask us about our affordable 0% interest payment plans. You can apply in our office or on our website by clicking the CareCredit link and get started with your treatment on the very same day.

Does it Hurt to Get Mini Dental Implants?

Our dentists know that any type of dental surgery can make a person feel nervous. Fortunately, getting these types of implants is a very straightforward process. Most of our patients at Dental Design Studio tell us that having a traditional implant or mini implant placed is far easier than having a tooth pulled and are shocked at how easy and painless the procedure was! Nitrous oxide or anti-anxiety meds may also be available to help you relax, but are usually not necessary.

Contact Dental Design Studio today at one of our convenient locations in Phoenix, Gilbert, or Scottsdale. We offer flexible hours with appointments available before and after work and even Saturday treatments by appointment. Call us today for a FREE mini dental implant consultation. You have nothing to loose.

MDI – Mini Dental Implants

Imagine this!

  • Visit your dentist in the morning, and have MDI mini dental implants placed, most often in less than 2 hours.
  • Your denture feels secure and is held firmly in place.
  • Within a few days, start eating comfortably in public and enjoying your favorite foods. Have a pleasant conversation, laugh and talk with confidence.*

All of this at an extremely affordable price … with an easy, one-appointment schedule that won’t disrupt your life.

  • What will my first day be like?
  • How do I place and remove my dentures?
  • What about care and maintenance?
  • How do mini dental implants broaden your options?
  • Is your loose denture causing you to:
  • It’s time to enhance your life with the MDI Denture Stabilization System!
  • What is the MDI Denture Stabilization System?
  • How are MDI Mini Dental Implants placed?
What will my first day be like?

Leave the denture in place for the first 24 hours after the Mini Dental Implants are placed. You may experience minor bleeding. If excessive bleeding occurs, contact your dentist or healthcare provider. There will be mild discomfort, but this should be minimal and controlled by the pain medication you have been advised to use. If needed, take the pain medication only as directed. The denture should feel secure. You may eat as soon as you wish to, but avoid excessively hard or sticky foods for a period recommended by your dentist. Upon removing the denture, rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash and gently brush your denture with a brush.

How do I place and remove my dentures?

The implants and the O-ring fixtures must be clean and free from debris. Grasp the denture with both hands and lightly seat the denture, feeling that the O-rings are resting above the ball head of the implants, then press down firmly and equally on both sides. Make sure that you feel the implant heads easily fitting each O-ring. You will feel the denture snap into place. If you have trouble seating your denture, first make sure that the implants and denture are absolutely clean. Second, make sure that you feel the implants resting over each socket. A light touch will give you the best results. Remember to push downward equally on both sides. If you are still experiencing difficulty, see if a spouse or family member can assist you in placing the denture.

To remove the denture, place your thumbs under each side of the lower denture rim and push both sides upward at the same time. The tongue can also assist in this simple removal process.

What about care and maintenance?

You must brush and clean the ball of the implants as if they were your natural teeth. As with natural teeth, food and bacterial debris (plaque) must be removed after meals. If not removed, the plaque will cause inflammation of the gums and can be forced into the O-ring fixtures, causing improper seating and loss of retention. The O-ring fixtures must also be cleaned out.

The ACCESS toothbrush has been specifically designed for optimum cleaning of the implant fixtures. Ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for ensuring that the retaining fixtures are kept clean and free from food impaction and debris. Use either mouthwash or a 50-50 peroxide solution in the ultrasonic cleaner. A “water pick” may also be used to rinse out the denture fixtures. If the denture does not remain firmly in place, call your dentist and inform him/her of your problems. Your dentist will determine your appropriate checkup. At that time, the condition of the implant, your gums and the O-rings will be evaluated and properly maintained. Do not use effervescent cleansers, as these may deteriorate O-rings.

How do mini dental implants broaden your options?

Dental implant therapy has been one of the most significant advances in dentistry in the past 25 years. Hundreds of thousands of grateful denture patients have experienced the immediate improvement in their quality of life and confidence that long-term denture stability brings. Several different types of implants and restorations are available. The choice depends upon the amount of bone available, your general health and restoration preference. Please discuss potential risks and benefits with your dentist.

Mini dental implants revolutionized dentistry with the introduction of a minimally invasive treatment plan for denture stabilization. These small-diameter implants (around 2 mm diameter) enable your dentist to broaden the spectrum of patients who can be treated.

The MDI Denture Stabilization System was developed to provide greater denture stability for you when you:

  • can’t withstand the rigors of conventional implant surgery,
  • don’t have enough bone to allow for full-sized implants to be placed, or
  • are seeking an option with a lower cost than traditional implant treatment.
Is your loose denture causing you to:
  • miss out on life’s simple pleasures?
  • miss eating your favorite foods, like steak or corn on the cob?
  • be afraid to laugh, smile or speak in public?
It’s time to enhance your life with the MDI Denture Stabilization System!
What is the MDI Denture Stabilization System?

The MDI system consists of a miniature titanium alloy implant that acts like the root of your tooth and a retaining fixture that is incorporated into the base of your denture. The head of the implant is shaped like a ball, and the retaining fixture acts like a socket with a rubber O-ring. The O-ring snaps over the ball when the denture is seated and holds the denture firmly in place. When seated, the denture gently rests on the gum tissue. The implant fixtures allow for micro-mobility while withstanding natural lifting forces.

How are MDI Mini Dental Implants placed?

Placement of the implants can usually be done during a 2-hour appointment in your dentist’s office with local anesthesia. Using a precise, controlled, minimally invasive surgical technique, MDI Mini Dental Implants are placed into the jawbone. The heads of the implants protrude from the gum tissue and provide a strong, solid foundation for securing your dentures. Because of the minimally invasive nature of this procedure, the healing period for most patients is shorter than that of traditional implants—meaning dentures can be stabilized the same day the MDI mini dental implants are placed.

Typical results may vary depending on clinical case. As with any procedure, potential risks may be involved. Ask your dentist if mini dental implants are right for you.

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