The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

How often do you floss in a normal week? How often do you floss during the week after you visit the dentist? If your answers were different, then you already know one of the reasons preventive dentistry is so important.

Regular visits to the dentist helps you get back on track with your personal dental hygiene regimen. Sometimes, we even have inside knowledge about new techniques and products.

Apart from keeping you updated about your health and hygiene, preventive appointments help identify disease risks and lower corrective dental costs. To maximize these benefits, we commonly recommend our patients come in every six (6) months.

Preventing Diseases and Disorders

There are two (2) main ways preventive dentistry stops oral disease. The first has to do with regular cleaning and, as mentioned above, reinforcing your good dental hygiene habits. This constant upkeep helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.

The other way preventive dentist appointments stop disease is by providing oversight and tracking of your dental health. We make extensive records during these appointments that we then refer to throughout your life. That allows us to make the best, most personalized treatment recommendations possible.

This should start early. In fact, many professional organizations recommend you bring your children to the dentist the moment their first tooth appears. That’s around six (6) months old for most children.

For children, the goal is usually to avoid cavities and the associated infections. These types of problems have been associated with general lower levels of health. For adults, regular appointments health screen for chronic diseases, abnormal growth patterns and various other problems.

Lowering Costs – Money, Quality of Life and Time

Being healthy is great. Saving money doing it is even better. Tooth problems can be expensive to fix, but it is easy and economical to prevent them.

Dental Design Studio offers competitive prices for implants, abutments and crowns. Even with one of our specials, a single tooth replacement could cost as much as 15-20 years of preventive appointments.

This doesn’t even take into account the adjustment period most patients have to major dental procedures. Overall, you’ll be more comfortable if you can prevent these problems. That’s worth a lot.

Time is also an important factor. Whether you choose a regular semi-annual schedule or not, you’ll probably see the dentist just as often in the long run. Serious oral health issues often require multiple visits and increased preventive care after resolution. With that in mind, we would definitely prefer to keep you healthy.

At Dental Design Studio, we pride ourselves on getting to know our patients. We recommend a treatment schedule that’s right for the individual. Come see us at one of our offices around Phoenix — we’re looking forward to your visit.

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