Visiting the Family Dentist During COVID-19

Visiting the Family Dentist During COVID-19

Visiting the Family Dentist During COVID-19

At Dental Design Studio, your health is our first priority. And, although it isn’t the most widely-known statistic, good oral health has been linked to good general health through many independent studies.

In terms of COVID-19 risks, our dental office is probably one of the safest places you can be. Like many other specialty medical facilities, we’re in the advantageous position of having highly trained staff members, ample stock of protective equipment and no infectious respiratory disease treatment practice.

We urge you to make a regular appointment as soon as possible — especially if you have younger or school-age children, or if you’re noticing changes in your oral health. All of our locations across the Phoenix Valley area are taking special precautions to keep you and your family safe.

Waiting Room Process

One of our top priorities has been making the waiting area a welcoming, sanitary environment. Of course, we have implemented strict mask and social distance protocols. We are also spacing appointments further apart whenever possible to minimize the chance of multiple people in the waiting rooms at any given time.

If there does happen to be a wait, it is rarely more than a few minutes. However, some of our patients have preferred to spend their time outside or in their vehicles, receiving a phone call when it’s time to come in. We can arrange this for you — just let our reception staff know.

Staff Training

All of our dentists, hygienists and support workers were already trained in the prevention of infectious diseases. Everyone also has received supplemental training specific to the current outbreak.

We have asked every member of our team to keep a close eye on their own health and the health of anyone with whom to come into contact. Everyone who can work at home is doing so, and those who have to come into the office are practicing social distance and mask protocols in line with the strictest recommendations.

Medical Procedures

Obviously, our patients cannot wear masks during their procedures. Please do not worry about this.

We have special filtration masks that prevent our patients from exposure — and also prevent our hygienists and dentists from breathing in any particulates. In addition to this, we are also implementing stricter handwashing protocols. As always, our instruments, hand protection, materials and supplies are professionally sterilized to the highest standard.

Continued Awareness

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, our patients would reschedule if they felt under the weather. If you, your family members or other people with whom you are in close contact have symptoms, we would ask that you do the same. Our health and the health of our patients could depend on it.

After all, two weeks isn’t a long time to delay a dentist appointment. A few months — that is.

If you’re a little behind on your preventive dentistry schedule, please make an appointment soon. Your oral health won’t wait. Call us today to set aside a time.

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